Basic website events + Tracking attribution data on Javascript SDK

  • 21 March 2024
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Hi all, 

I’m new to Amplitude, not a dev, and I have a few basic questions. 

We have a website and a web app, and we’re going to use Amplitude to track user behavior on both. 

Our website is Webflow, and our web app is Flutter. 

  1. To track both our website ( and web app (, we have to install an Amplitude SDK on both, correct? 
  2. For tracking behavior on our website, do we have to create all (basic) events ourselves? As in: session start, page view, form submission, etc? Or are these basic events in Amplitude by default? 
  3. Our dev team told me that for our web app, we have to use the JavaScript SDK (Maintenance) because we’re on Flutter. The Javascript SDK documentation states the following: “While Amplitude’s JavaScript SDK doesn’t collect web attribution data by default, setting it up is simple. The SDK can automatically collect this information if you enable attribution configuration options.”  — Where/how do we configure this? Is this something we can do from Amplitude’s UI, or is this in the code? 

Thanks in advance! 

Kind regards,

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