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  • 4 August 2021
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I’m creating a Funnel Analysis to find out user/account count who performed specific events in an order in 7 days from their first date, but I also need to eliminate the users who haven’t had any events after 19 days of their sign up.

Is there a way to enter the opposite of this filter? (like after 19 days of first use)


Thank you!



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Hey @gbulut ,

Not quite sure if there is an easy way to do this in a user segment , but there are couple of clauses in the behavioral cohort feature which you can use e.g  the “not who had been active “ clause. You can try exploring this in conjunction with the offset date clause to the desired days and see if this fits your use case.


Another way could be to first identify the users who stop sending any events after Day 19. This can be done by creating a retention chart using the desired custom bracket definition or unbounded retention and then creating the cohort via Microscope from the dropped off users. 


Let me know if I have interpreted your question correctly. Hope this helps!