Amplitude is not accurately tracking new users and active users

  • 17 July 2023
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We have been using Amplitude for months and this month (July 2023) we noticed that the new users and current users on Amplitude is off. On July 12, it showed having 1000+ MAU for the month of July and hundreds of new users. When I checked back on July 14, there were less than 100 new users, a couple hundred active users, and hundreds of dormant users. We use Firebase as well and can see that we have hundreds of new users but Amplitude is not reporting them. 


Please help because this is throwing off all of our analytics. We have not changed anything in our code base that can account for this change - especially since this happened mid month. 

3 replies

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Hey @Natalie Barbu, thank you for reaching out!

I took a look at your account, and I’m not seeing the discrepancy. You’re on track to have slightly more overall “monthly tracked users” this month versus last month. In terms of new users, I would expect that number to be lower because here we’re just counting “net new” users we’ve never seen before. I’m looking at your New User chart and there is a dip in July (but it’s not 0) and I suspect this could be due to seasonality perhaps? Lots of our customers are also on vacation right now :-) 

Generally I would say that while Firebase and Amplitude should report similar numbers, it’s never 100% the same. How much of a discrepancy are you seeing?


Hi - I have attached a photo to see the discrepancy.

That is a huge difference from previous month to this month and the issue is that in the beginning of the month, it showed way more active users in July than it currently does. So why would it show our pulse being 1.11 in July earlier this month when I checked and now it shows pulse being .23. The change happened mid month.

Also, Firebase reports over double the amount of new users which aligns more with the trend we have been seeing previous months.

I tried reaching out to support but received no answer. Can we please chat with someone from the support team about this because it is throwing off a ton of graphs. 



We have being use Amplitude for 3 month right now and the data is not matching with firebase analytics. We would like to migrate all events to amplitude but we are not understanding MAU/MTU.

Even filtering just for android user at the latest version, it isn't matching. Can someone help us?
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