Amplitude - Intercom integration throttling, internal errors; attributes not showing up on Intercom

  • 22 March 2023
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Over the last day, I got 55.2k failed events not sent to Intercom due to Destination Throttling, Internal Errors and Invalid Requests. Specifically Throttling and Internal errors nature is not clear to me. What should I do to fix these issues and pass data without such failures?

In addition, the user attributes from Amplitude I've selected to send to Intercom don't appear there. The events are recorded fine (with the exception of issues I listed above). What is the reason? Will the attributes get created automatically similar to events, or do I need to manually create the custom attributes I expect to receive on Intercom first?


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To fix the issues of Destination Throttling, Internal Errors, and Invalid Requests, you may need to contact Intercom support for assistance. They can help identify the root cause and provide a solution. Regarding the user attributes not showing up on Intercom, keep in mind that Amplitude sends only the created_at and event_name properties to Intercom by default. If you want to send additional user properties, you need to specify them while creating or editing the Event Streaming connection in Amplitude. Also, make sure that the properties you want to send are within Intercom's limit of 20 metadata types per Event Type. If the properties still don't appear on Intercom, you may need to manually create the custom attributes in Intercom first.