Amplitude integration with SnowPlow

Hello, I just started at a company that uses SnowPlow for sending events to different tools.

I took a look at the snowplow doc and our implementation, and it looks like we're using 'custom structured events' which have a category, a label, and only one property field (which we fill with a json in order to pass several properties)

SnwoPlow’s doc about this is here:


Question: did anyone successfully integrate Snowplow and Amplitude? If so, how? I did some research and looks like it’s feasible via Google Tag Manager but that sounds like a clunky hack.

From the looks of it, I would be better off going the Amplitude SDK route, but the upside of connecting with Snowplow is the ability for snowplow to send historical data.


Thanks in advance!

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Hey @GuillaumeWanderu,

I’ve seen the integration you mentioned in the snowplot docs, and it looks like the only way to connect both is via backend tracking so they’re using the GTM server side as a middle man to connect the HTTP API from amplitude, that would work let’s say as a ‘webhook/routing’ not a hack per se. Unfortunately, it looks like Amplitude doesn’t have an integration yet in their portal for that specific tool, so that’s the solution they went through.

Hope this helps!

Thanks Naryie.

what would the end result be in Amplitude? For instance, can we parse all the event properties (that are currently in a json as part of the snowplow implementation)? What about event names?

Trying to figure out if it’s best to look more into this or to deploy the Amplitude SDK for a cleaner implementation.