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  • 24 September 2021
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I’m struggling with a retention chart over a cohort that uses “any time within x days” filter.


I’m trying to understand how frequent a user should perform a specific action (AddToWishList) in order to be retain as a user on the platform. So I built a cohort to capture all users that perform the metric on a weekly basis for the first month of usage.


The above cohort is built according to the following filters (all with “And also” clause):

  1. users performed “AddToWishList” with count ≥ 1 time any time within 7 days of first use
  2. users performed “AddToWishList” with count ≥ 2 time any time within 14 days of first use
  3. users performed “AddToWishList” with count ≥ 3 time any time within 21 days of first use
  4. users performed “AddToWishList” with count ≥ 4 time any time within 28 days of first use

The above definition can be found at the following link: https://analytics.amplitude.com/vestua/cohort/pd31xt5


Then I built a retention analysis using the above cohort. I would expect to have a high weekly retention for new users with “AddToWishList” retention event for at least the 4 first weeks. This should be by the definition of the cohort, right? But as the chart shows, retention is drop to 14% by the 1st week.

The retention analysis can be found on this link: https://analytics.amplitude.com/vestua/chart/frf7c78/edit/04g1lv6


What am I missing on my analysis?

Thanks in advance to anyone that could help me with this.



I just found the missing part of the equation and feel so stupid!

The cohort considers users that perform the event 4 times within the first week, and this action meets all the cohort conditions.





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Hi @stgo.larrain ! Welcome to the Amplitude Community :blush:  I saw that you added an edit to your post so wanted to check in and see if you need any additional help to the inquiry you have!