Why I don't find back the same amout of people in my funnel analysis ?

  • 17 November 2023
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Hello there, 

I’m trying to see how much time does it to convert between 2 events in 15 days. When i’m using the first way of measuring (Conversion) i’m finding that i have 830 users who converted. However when i try to split them in order to know when exactly during the 15 days the biggest amount of conversion take place (using Time to convert) I can’t find back the 830 conversions, instead i have 278 users. How to get the full amount of people ? 


I join screenshot so you can see the gap of volume :) 

Thanks for helping me that would made my day to get the answer ! :) 




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Hi @Fran6 

Can you try resetting your “Set Buckets” clause to not specify anything?



Hi @Saish Redkar , 


Thanks for your answer, i guess i find my mistake. I was setting the bucket from 1 day to 15 days thinking it will take all the days but I found it wasn’t included the day 0 where the most of the conversions are happening ! When i count day 0, i can find back the overall volume of unique user who converted.