Why can't I do "who performed where" anymore? - see on the right under who performed Experiment Viewed, the where experiment_name = xxx is grayed out and when i create a new chart, the where isn’t even available.  Is this a bug?  Thanks!


Best answer by ning.chang 1 August 2022, 05:01

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Hi @trludewig 😀 Thanks for posting here. Somehow we missed this. Were you able to make progress? I’m looping in @ning.chang from our support team, who can help out.  Thank you!

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Hi @trludewig! It is the case that customers on the Starter plan will be unable to add an additional WHERE clause under the "and who performed" clause in the right module. This is because this functionality derives from the Cohort feature in which is only available on paid plans. When checking your chart, I confirm that this is the behavior you see as the additional indented where clause did not appear.

If you are keen in upgrading your plan, please let me know and I can connect you with someone from our Sales team.