View users/accounts that haven't used a specific feature

  • 2 November 2021
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Hi everyone! 

Hoping this community’s Amplitude expertise can help me out! I’m looking to answer the question of “what accounts or users haven’t used a specific feature in my application yet?” However, I’m not having much luck with building a chart that would help me analyze that data. Any ideas, thoughts, or insights on how I might achieve this?



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Hey @jonhigh 
If you know which feature to analyze this use case for, then one way would be to build a cohort of users who have been active but haven’t performed that event as explained in here.

Once you have this, you can create an event segmentation chart for this cohort on Any Active event and then group by your account/group property to analyze the accounts in the charts. If you are looking for specific users, then downloading the cohort csv will give you the list of users.


Let me know if I have interpreted your use case correctly, Hope this helps.

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Exactly what @Saish Redkar said!

@jonhigh - you could also try making a chart similar to this if you don’t have access to Behavioral Cohorts. 


@Saish Redkar @jmagg appreciate the responses from both of you! I will give this a try and let you know how it goes!

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Hi @jonhigh Closing the loop here. How did it go? 😀