Utilizing Behavioral Cohorts

  • 14 June 2021
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Hey fellow Datamonsters,


Today we want to review and provide some helpful tips to get the most out of one of our most powerful features - Cohorts. Cohorts give you the ability to group users based on a given definition. A few examples of Cohorts can be users who contain a certain property value or users who perform an event X amount of times during a specific time range. They also  make it easy to group users to use in Amplitude charts to understand how those groups of users behave! 


Tip #1: Find the users that have a certain property value most recently 

Let’s say you want to grab the most recent subscription status of all your users. Cohorts offer a most recently feature which will grab the most recent property value from the most recent active event. If a user property value is updated without an event or at the time of an inactive event those property values are not available for the cohort to query on. The events before the update will not contain the user property, thus using most recently becomes powerful to be able to query on the updated property value.BTRSgfSKgzfBdV2vdff1a8swyBhP2kimsn8CI1eVfLpazi89Mla1TbyEA4sSExJXCRdbViZiQJqDIjeIQVXbtZvoEm_7-qHpjAi-_1XKN23camZRYy15tYgxsCC__TsTjy1PWZ5g


Tip #2: Using the Count feature

Perhaps you have found that your power users perform an event X times within 14 days of being new. The count feature will allow you to input the number of times the users need to perform the event and the within feature in the date picker will find new users who perform the event within 14 days of being new to Amplitude.



Tip #3: Distinct Property Value

Let’s say you have a music playing app such as Amplitunes. You want to drive up the amount of unique songs being played so you want to target users who have listened to less than 5 unique songs in the last 30 days. The event “Play Song or Video” tracks when a song is played and the property “Content_ID” tracks which unique song is being played. In Amplitude cohorts you can group users by distinct property values less than or equal to 5 in the last 30 days. Amplitude will find all users who have less than 5 unique property values for the “Content_ID” property.



Cohorts has many powerful features and the documentation of the features can be found here.


Does anyone have any cool things they have built with Cohorts?

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