User Session Count Seems Low in Amplitude

  • 13 January 2022
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Hey everyone,


We use LogRocket, Pendo, and Amplitude as Product Analytics Tools.
All three tools can track number of sessions and visitors on a daily basis. Pendo and LogRocket provide me with a session count almost 7 times higher and a user count around 4 times higher than Amplitude.

Every tool defines sessions differently, but do you have any idea where this huge discrepancy could come from? Events are tracked correctly.

I appreciate your help.






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 Hey @nadjare 

A totally fair question given that all these different tools have their own way of counting sessions and usage.

Assuming the core implementation between all your tools is correctly setup, I can help point out some resources which can help you understand the discrepancies when comparing Amplitude numbers with  other tools :



Hope this helps to some extent.