Segmentation, performed by two segments: 1. a cohort with user property "A" 2. user property "A".

  • 18 January 2022
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In a segmentation chart with custom date range “Since Dec 7, 2021”, 
on the right hand side I have set up two segments:

1. where “Cohort” = “Cohort Blue”
(Cohort Blue is configured as: The users who ..had user property "A" = “Blue”, anytime since Dec 7, 2021)

2. where "A" = “Blue”

So the only difference is that 1. is a saved cohort with user property “A” = “Blue” in the where clause and 2. have this user property “A” = “Blue” directly in the where clause, why do I get different result when the users should effectively be the same?

Let’s say I have chosen “Any Active Event” on the left hand side, then a line chart will most of the time always have a higher count of “Uniques” for the 1. the cohort segment vs 2. the where segment. They do however, tend to converge over time, but the difference is quite large in the beginning.

Why don’t they produce the same result?

Below is an example graph:

1. is the blue line 2. is the green line

Grateful for any help, explanation!

Thanks in advance,



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I think this is resolved as current theory is that 1. the cohort includes any user who have had user property “A” = “Blue” during chosen interval is counted, whilst only users who hade that user property “A” = “Blue” during the specific timing of the event is counted for 2. 

Although, any feedback/confirmation on this is still greatly appreciated. 


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Hey @Nils

You are on the right track! Since Amplitude is an event-based platform, events are logged with the event properties and the user properties present at the time the event was fired, and this is what is reflected in the chart.

Your segment (#2) will show the events by users who had that  property A=Blue at the time of the event. Whereas the cohort will include events by users who had property A=Blue anytime since Dec 7, even if the value of A was something other than Blue during that time period.


Hope this helps.



Thank you Saish Redkar!

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@Saish Redkar is absolutely right, thank you! You can read more about that in our Help Center article.