Recieving constant fake events

  • 13 June 2021
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Hey people,


I am constantly receiving fake events (like opening app every second and spamming login buttons which definitely seams to be a bot behaviour) from someone having the same device properties and different IP address every time. Due to this, I can’t even block the events.

What are the possible options with me and has anyone ever faced this issue? 

The events are coming from Nexus 5x, United States. Although my app is in India and that too in closed beta with 100 users only.


Any help would be appreciated :)


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3 replies

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Hey @Acoto ,

You are correct. Since the user’s IP address is changing every time as you mentioned, it’s not possible to use the Block Filter feature on this user. However, if you have the user_id or device_id ( assuming it’s staying constant ), you can ask Amplitude’s Platform Team to block the user on Amplitude’s backend. 

Amplitude's HTTP API has some throttling measures in place, but they only control the volume of events and don’t necessarily cut off the quantity of events being sent. I worked with @belinda.chiu on a similar case recently. 


Hope this helps!


Also, as a follow-up measure you might want to check if the api key/secret for your project has been compromised in any possible way.

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Hi @Acoto! Sorry to hear you are experiencing this. Thank you @Saish Redkar! You are correct! We are able to enable a filter on our backend to block a user based off of the device ID or user ID. 

Do you mind sending me a message with the project ID, device ID and a link to the user profile? We’ll pick it up as soon as possible and are looking forward to work with you

Best regards,



Thanks for the help @Nadia!

Will submit the request asap.