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  • 17 January 2023
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Hi there, 


We’ve gotten a group of users that have followed a specific path to an error. We desperately need to know what errors these are, and doing it manually is exhausting. 


How do I take this cohort and segment the event properties?




Best answer by Saish Redkar 18 January 2023, 18:01

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Hey @adam12 

Looks like your org doesn’t have the Cohort feature?
Don’t want to sound like an Amplitude sales rep, but the “Create Cohort” option from the datapoint would have been the easiest option here. 😄


If you don’t have the Cohorts feature, here’s what you can do -

  • Download the Users csv
  • Create a segment of these comma separated user ids
  • Use this segment in the event seg chart on your “on callback error” event grouped by details property over the desired time frame

Let me know if this works.

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Hi there, why can we not export the event property into the export user function?