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  • 10 May 2022
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When creating an eventing taxonomy, I came across an Amplitude template for BtoB companies. I noticed that property names have different type of naming conventions across different events. I guess my question is, what role does a property name play in the overall scope of the taxonomy? Why not just have a property name be “type” instead of “cta type”, for example? 




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Hey @jackrobins2022 

Here are my 2 cents on this one -

You can choose to have any naming convention in your taxonomy as per your business needs and use cases. The property name with the ‘xx_type’ nomenclature helps give you added context as to what kinda “type” property this is and the event you are querying for. For e.g. Free Trial Started and Demo Requested are two different events here. If you had “type” as property name for both these events , then the chart property value dropdown for “type” will combine all sorts of mixed values from both the events -  “business”, “personal”, “link”, “button”,etc. This usually creates a bit of a confusion for the end user querying these events.


Hope this helps.



Awesome, this helps a lot. Thanks so much!