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  • 19 April 2023
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I’m trying to perform complex calculation (weighted percentage) in Event Segmentation for which Formula cannot be used. I was wondering how can that be done.

One way was to download dashboard data to csv and do further processing in Excel.

Two main questions:

  1. Perform complex calculation (weighted percentage) in Amplitude
  1. How can I export multiple charts to one csv file ?

Best answer by Esther Trapadoux 27 April 2023, 11:47

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2 replies

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@srushti.wadekar great questions! (And apologies for the delay.) The complex calculations you’re looking for can likely be done using derived properties, but this is only available on our Enterprise plans or if you purchase the Govern add-on.


  1. How can I export multiple charts to one csv file ?

Unfortunately there’s no easy way to export multiple charts to one csv file. One option is to use our API to retrieve the data and apply a python or JS script to combine the files. Or you’d need to manually combine the files in excel. (Neither of these are super ideal, I know. I can submit a feedback request since this is something I’ve heard users ask for before.)


Thank you, @Esther Trapadoux !

One more question regarding Amplitude’s exports - Grouped columns in an Event Segmentation chart are exported into one single column in .csv file. Also, there are few rows appended in exports before actual column headers - is there a way to customize or transform the table before exporting ? Thanks!