PDF Export of Saved Dashboard Issue

  • 6 February 2023
  • 3 replies

I'm having an issue where if I export a saved dashboard to a PDF, the PDF is showing up without data. This feature worked fine as recently as the beginning of Jan. When I download the PDF, the outline of the data cards are there, but there is no data or images inside the cards.
When I export as PNG, the data shows up fine.

3 replies

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Hey @cbrown 

I think this is some ongoing bug which I am able to reproduce on my end too. 🪲

Tagging @Jeremie Gluckman  @belinda.chiu  @Denis Holmes for involving Support.


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Thanks @Saish Redkar we just shared this with our support team to take a closer look. 

I’m having the exact same problem right now :/ do you guys have some idea what’s going on?