Is Data Table available on Starter plan?

  • 13 February 2024
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The website says that Data Tables are available on all plans, and the in-product pricing page links to the website page, however we don’t have access on Data Tables on Starter plan. Does anyone have a similar issue?



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Hi @aleksandra-asanin it looks like your org is still on the old starter plan. In your org’s General Settings, there is a CTA to upgrade your org to the new Starter plan. 

Note there are some limitations to be aware of when you migrate your org. Key limits to callout are 

  • your org will be limited to 50K MTUs (monthly tracked users) per month
    • I verified your current org usage shouldn’t face any issues with this limit based on your last 5 months MTU counts and current counts.
  • your org will be limited to 10 new chart saves (on top of all your formerly saved charts) post migration to the new starter plan
    • This may become a limit for your org

However migrating to the new Starter plan will unlock data tables charts, along with some other features listed in the screenshots below.


When you click “Migrate” you will be prompted with the details below.



I hope this helps


@JennRu thank you so much. We were not aware of this change or the possibility to migrate to the new Amplitude pricing plans. Can you help clarify what is the Session Replays feature availability on the old vs. new pricing plans? Sorry but I’m seeing different information on the website pricing page, in the Amplitude Help&Support pages and in-product. There is a lot of copywriting inconsistencies that is causing confusion.

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Hi @aleksandra-asanin  of course, happy to share as much as possible. There will be announcements in the coming months (timing is still tbd) on the migration for the free plans, so right now it’s still an organic self-opt-in in the product. 

Re: session replay, it’s not available on your current starter plan due to the older version before October; whereas it is available for the new starter plan that you can migrate to. And after the migration to the new starter plan, these are the setup instructions to enable session replays.  


Just note there are strict limits on the new starter plan for the count of monthly sessions captured [pricing doc]. So as your team’s data use cases evolve, I encourage that you review the benefits from the Plus plan, especially if you need to save more than 10 new charts, and want to build custom cohorts and sync those cohorts to marketing tech platforms or ad tech platforms for targeting. 


Also there will also be a session-replay demo that you can sign up for in March for additional functionality questions. 


I hope this helps, thank you so much for your feedback on the different information across various sites. I’ll share this back with the team.

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Hi @aleksandra-asanin I wanted to check back in on this to see if you had any outstanding questions or if the above context was helpful. Thank you


Thanks @JennRu your answer was helpful. We’re now considering Pro Plan internally. Thanks.