I don´t see event date properties.

  • 13 April 2023
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Hi there!

I want to create MTD reports like: (Number of purchases this month - number of purchases last month)/Last month purchases * 100). The problem is that I can´t find how to group the events by dates, like Purchases between 03/01/2023 and 04/01/2023 or something like “Last Month”. 

We are sending data from Segment, could that be the problem? In any case I can see some derived properties that don´t work for my case neither:



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3 replies

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Hi Ivan - if it’s simply that, then use segmentation, group by month next to the time picker, then use the “compare” feature (top left of chart) with the % setting. If you want to do something more complex, you’ll need to use custom formula and do some maths!

Hey @timothy-permutable thanks! In any case, do you know how to group events by two dates?

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@ivanmuniz welcome to the community and apologies for the delay! To group events by two dates, have you tried using the between filter?


Let me know if this helps or if I’m not understanding your question properly!