How to track user click on link in emails via a redirect

  • 24 August 2021
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We are trying to track the usage of email we send out that links to some pages. The links that link to our platform we track using UTM’s so all good. But we also want to track click on links that goes elsewhere. With Google Analytics this should be possible using a redirect and having UTM’s in the link. Have anybody got some good advice here?


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Hi @Kent E ,


What SDK are you using to send data to Amplitude? The JS SDK has options to track UTM and the likes. You could also use our Attribution API to be able to do the same but programmatically in your own code. An Attribution API call would often be made by people in the code and then they would do the redirect. As long as the click that goes elsewhere is trackable by you, I would suggest using the attribution API!

I hope this helps but if not, would you be so kind as to further elaborate on your current setup so that I may understand in more detail the scenario? Thank you!