How to track total time spent by user on a particular page?

  • 23 March 2021
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Hi All, 

Needed to track total time spent by a user on a particular page on my web app. Is it possible to track page views and within page views is it specifying the time spent by a user on a page. 

Is there any option to start and stop tracking pageview on a particular page?

Urgent help needed.




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Hi @ashwin.araokar ,
Afaik, there isn’t a native way of doing that in Amplitude.

@daniel.balan has written an excellent post on how you can instrument a ”duration”  property to tackle this use case. Here is the link :

 “To track duration, you would need to capture the timestamp of a Start Event and timestamp of an End Event, calculate the difference between the two timestamps, and then pass in the duration as an event property for the End Event.

Hope this helps!