How to make dashboard with Pathfinder and Client Search

Hi guys,
i might have a dumb question but my management wants me to make it easier for them to navigate around Pathfinder report, right now when they choose and download csv they need to open in a new tab Users look up and then to search by Amplitude ID or by CRM ID, and that is way too much for them so is it possible to incorporate somehow in one page pathfinder report and users look up so that we can make further analysis on the go?

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@Petar Maksimovic not a dumb question at all. It sounds like you're looking for a way to streamline the navigation and analysis process for your management team when working with Amplitude Pathfinder reports. This sounds like a good case for custom dashboards to keep everything in one view. @timothy-permutable is one of the best at Amplitude custom dashboards. Do you have any suggestions?

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Hi @Petar Maksimovic what kind of journeys are they looking at in pathfinder? I find analysing users journeys a bit smoother by rather using a funnel, and clicking through to individual users from there. 

Thank you @Esther Trapadoux  for recommending me the right person :) 

Hi @timothy-permutable :) , we are looking to track how people engage on our landing pages, we have several landing pages with several products, and we want to find out how people interact and, in what step they drop-off and how many of them end up buying the product. the most important part when we identify people in certain steps, that we have the ability to analyze them one by one, (currently we have to download csv and to copy our CRM ID and then to look up by that in new tab in users lookup page)


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Makes sense. Then I’d still recommend you try to use funnels - then you can click on the conversions/dropouts at each step and use the “view users” link to dig into each one.


It can be tricky to simply non-linear user journeys across landing pages into funnels. I’d have to look at your actual product to give advice on that.


Feel free to send me a message if I can advise further? We can even have a short call to review your case if it would help :)

@timothy-permutable  yep funnel will work this thing out  probably the best, thanks for the help :)