How to get event name through REST API for existing chart

  • 6 December 2021
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Hello, I am trying to export chart data out using the Dashboard API but there is no event name data for labelling purposes. There is a setId attached to each data point but it is blank in all cases. This specific chart is a standard segmentation with 3 events A, B, C.

Is there a way to extract the name of the event(s) I’m looking at in my chart?


Best answer by Saish Redkar 6 December 2021, 05:47

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4 replies

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Hey @dmazur 

I believe a similar question was answered as below -

In short, the existing chart endpoint doesn’t return the eventType used for that given event segmentation chart and may vary depending on the chart type.

Let me know if that helps.


Thanks Saish - would you happen to know if the event segmentation specific endpoint can return eventType?

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I don’t specifically recall any response returning the specific event type name. The documentation here is also a bit unclear on that.

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Hi @dmazur ,


I agree with @Saish Redkar ! The event segmentation endpoint does not return the event type unfortunately. I’d recommend looking at the Taxonomy API for event type. Note that some functions are available for all customers on the Scholarship, Growth, and Enterprise plan, while others like edits to the schema, are only available to customers who have purchased the Govern add-on (fka Taxonomy add-on).


I hope this helps!


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