How to create Amplitude behavior using datasource from Amplitude?

  • 9 February 2022
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I have exported all data from Amplitude using Google Big Query. Now i have connected db to Tableau. The problem is replicate Amplitude behavior using raw data.

Can you please help me to re-create Amplitude funnel logic?

The main intent was to conduct analysis with costs, since such option is absent in Amplitude right now.


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3 replies

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Hey  @iislam2907!

You can get some SQL queries from the internet which can help you build a basic funnel using the exported data. Pretty sure there will be some Tableau templates for funnel analysis as well.

But from what I know, trying to replicate the Amplitude funnel analysis chart with all their clauses will be a tough task ( if not impossible ), given the way Amplitude crunches data on their backend engine.

If you are storing the costs data in GCS, the easier way will be to ingest that in Amplitude and conduct the analysis in Amplitude if that requirement works out.

Would love to hear from the SQL geeks in the Community if they have attempted such a task.


Hi Seish,

Appreciate your thorough reply to my issue. Can you please specify how i could conduct the analysis in Amplitude after data ingestion? I mean what mechanics to use or any other tips that could help in this task.



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Hey Islam,
How does your current funnel analysis setup in Amplitude look like?

  • Is there a property from your costs data which is crucial to understand your funnel? If yes, then you have to figure out if you need that data moving forward or on your historical events and instrument it accordingly.
  • Since you mentioned that you have all your Amplitude data exported in GCS, one approach you can explore would be to enrich this event data with the desired cost data as an event / user property ( whichever is applicable to your use case) and then backfill into a new project bucket. Once you have that, you can perform your funnel analysis with the enriched data.

Hope this helps further.