How to create a Funnel with a step that has one event or the other

  • 20 January 2021
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I want to make a Funnel where step 2 can be event a or b. Does anyone have any tips for making this?


Best answer by tracy.guo 20 January 2021, 22:53

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Hi @sydney.koh. Great question!

To create an “OR” statement with your events, you can create a custom event. A custom event is an event that consists of two or more events (e.g. Event A and Event B). Once you create the custom event, you add it to your funnel chart and users who perform either Event A or Event B will be considered as converted.

More information on how to create and use a custom event can be found here:

FAQ: How to perform analyses for users that performed Event A or Event B

Hope that helps!

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Thanks @tracy.guo  that answered my question perfectly!