How do you determine how many times on average songs are played by users within a given duration?

  • 16 March 2023
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Hi guys,


Considering the AmpliTunes example where there is a “Play Song or Video” event with a “Content_ID” property. I’m interested to find the average amount of times a song is played per duration (hourly, daily, weekly, etc. dropdown). Is there an advanced formula to count the unique content_id’s and then divide them by the number of users to somehow get a number like on average, each song is played 1.2 times per user?


I started on something like this, but got completely lost. Would appreciate any help! Thanks!




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2 replies

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Not 100% clear which average you want (songs per user per song, users per song, plays per song, plays per user per song … etc) - but if you switch that chart link to the “average” tab then I you get one meaningful average :)

  Hi Timothy,


Thanks for your reply! Pulled up the average and not exactly seeing what I was looking for - Could you confirm the insight from this report is: That on average, users played 15 songs per day? How can each individual song get played 1.xx times?


The results I am looking for are:

Goo Goo Dolls Iris gets played 10 times per day.

On average, a user plays Goo Goo Dolls 5x per day and ignore the people who play it 0?

This let’s me derive or know that 2 people played it 5x per day to get the 10 number.


Hope this isn’t too confusing. Thanks for answering!