How do I interpret the results from "any order" in a funnel analysis? Seems to be an issue with the count of the first event.

  • 21 April 2022
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Problem description
I have a funnel consisting of three events, A,B and C. Consider the case where we have 100k events of A in a period of time. The funnel with “this order” specified will look something like this:
Step                |          A              |               B                    |                C
Num events.   |   100 000          | 90 000 (90% of prev)   | 72 000 (80% of prev, 72% of initial)

Now, when I change the order to “any event”, I get something like this:
Step                |          A              |               B                    |                C
Num events.   |   150 000          | 142 500 (95% of prev) | 128 250 (90% of prev, 86% of initial)

My first question is how the num events for A in the last funnel can be higher than 100k, when we only have 100k events for A in the first place?

My second question is how to read the numbers on event B and C in the last funnel. Is it correct to assume:
- 142 500 times, event A and B was in sequence, either A first or B first
- 128 250 times, event A, B and C was in sequence, in any order (ABC/ACB/BAC/BCA/CAB/CBA)

2 replies

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Hi @vegardpe

Thank you for writing in! This is Thao from Amplitude Support. Happy to help!

I am going to reach out to you over email to take a look into this issue.

Best regards,


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Thank you @Thao Nguyen!