How can you understand what core product actions drive the most retention?

  • 18 March 2023
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The Retention Analysis chart identifies how often users return to your product after taking a specific action. However, if you are searching for treasure within your product, it helps to have a map to point you in the right direction. The Engagement Matrix chart (available on Growth and Enterprise plans) is a great place to start when wanting to find key events that make your users return to your product. 


This chart will show you an array of events that your active users are performing on two axes; %MAU who perform this action and the average number of times they performed an action. 

This allows you to: 

  • Better understand patterns of feature engagement 

  • Identify features that aren’t performing well

  • Identify features that are performing the best 

Get started in the Events Module, where you can select up to 20 individual event types or use default configuration options.

Take some of these events that appear and plug them into retention analysis to see how they impact users returning to your product. This will allow you to uncover insights and find the events that drive the highest retention rate(s).

1 reply

I have grouped actions into custom events. How can I see these custom events on the engagement matrix?