How can I track how many signups I get from organic Google searches?

  • 2 March 2021
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Hi everyone!

I am looking to track applications on my website that come from Google Search! To be clear, those are not paid ads, but instead people who find our website via a search on Google.


Today, I track UTM parameters via the JS SDK. It does a great job at capturing signups we get from UTM links we build for our affiliates program and from our social media pages.

However, Im stuck in how to track applications that I get from Google searches. I can’t “tell Google” to add an UTM to our website when people click on it. So how should I go about tracking that?




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7 replies

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Hi Bruno, 

Happy to help here! If you want to track how users are getting to your website, then all you need to do is track the referrer (the referring site). In addition to the includeUTM option on our JS SDK, we also have the includeReferrer option in which will then capture the the referrer and referring_domain for each session and set them as user properties on all of the relevant events. You can then filter for where referring_domain is google to get events coming from Google! 

Documentation on this is here:

Hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any questions. 


Hey Bruno,

We had this challenge too. We track it a bit differently to what’s been suggested here, below is a screenshot - we specific the medium and use ‘first marketing page viewed’ to specify different sections of our site (e.g. /templates in the example below) as the vast majority of signups that come through our homepage are from ‘brand’ searches rather than organic.

Be interested to hear what people think about this approach.



@belinda.chiu -- can you repost that link? It’s 404’ing. Thanks!

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@thodgson Sure! It’s under a new section now so the new link is

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@belinda.chiu is there updated documentation on the includeReferrer functionality? We also use JS SDK and are looking for this so Amplitude more accurately tags our organic traffic vs. direct. 


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Hi Belinda, is there an updated link for this? Thanks


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Hi @mkoiva ! The documentation should be the same link as I shared in my last message! Otherwise you can also search in the Dev Doc Center at