How AB InBev excelled in ecommerce

  • 8 December 2022
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AB InBev is world-renowned for its beer, but its success isn’t just because they stick to the traditional distribution model. BEES is the ecommerce and SaaS company created by Anheuser-Busch Inbev to develop a world-class retailer experience. With BEES, retailers can browse for products, place orders, earn rewards, arrange deliveries, manage invoices, and access business insights from one platform.

They used Amplitude to learn more about new retailers in Brazil and their behaviors. They noticed these retailers were highly engaged, browsing on mobile devices during the day and adding products to their cart but only making purchases after hours or later in the week from their desktops.

Using these insights, their teams designed personalized in-app marketing messages that match each end-users purchase habits. For example, they began sending push notifications after 6 p.m. to owners with product recommendations.

As a result, ecommerce is their fasting growing channel, with 1 million orders per week, 65% driven by recommendations.

Now imagine if Amplitude grew beyond one team who worked on one problem for a short period to hundreds of people working on many issues over five years. What could happen?

What were the insight, action, and outcome? Take a look by clicking below.

  • Insight: New retailers in Brazil that stock up daily are ordering 3x as many craft brands, engaging in-app, but submitting orders on their desktop computers after hours.
  • Action: Developed push notifications sent after 6 p.m. local time to owners with product recommendations based on their purchase habits.
  • Outcome: Now, ecommerce is the fastest-growing channel, with 1 million weekly orders, 65% driven by recommendations. All digital product and commerce teams now ensure all product decisions and experiences are data-driven with Amplitude.


Now, it’s your turn! 

  • What teams are working together to drive customer acquisition in conjunction with your Product team? 

  • How do you use Product data today in driving customer acquisition? 

    • Do you experiment with different product bets to increase customer acquisition, monitor the results, and leverage data to determine product decisions?

    • Have you set up tables to monitor critical metrics around customer acquisition?

  • How are you using product data to navigate the competitive environment?"

Growing market share is an all-encompassing journey largely dependent on the success of the digital product(s) serving the revenue strategy. Successful growth relies on the flawless orchestration of digital bets. With growth comes more users, higher revenues, and competitive displacement.

Let us know your insights in the comments below!

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