Funnel Chart: How can you restrict Historical Count to a session?

I want to build a funnel chart analysis restricted to whether it's the first time a user has seen an event within a session, and then a comparative analysis where it's not the first time a user has seen an event within a session.


As an example to illustrate what I'm trying to achieve:


My current analysis looks at a user journey on a travel booking website and at the funnel of users booking hotels. I have an event property: Hotel ID that can tell me which hotel because users often start/finalise booking different hotels within a session (Hotel ID1, Hotel ID2, Hotel ID3, etc).

So for my standard funnel analysis I hold the HotelID property constant so I can examine the booking funnel for each user/unique hotel combination.


But now I want to explore the impacts of being the first hotel a user views, vs another later in the visit. So I want to create two funnels. The first, to look at the conversion for only the first Hotel the user enters the funnel for within a session. The second, to look at the funnel conversion for when it is the 2nd or more Hotel the user sees in the visit. 


I am trying to use Historical Count functionality but I'm not sure how it interacts with the property constant function. Is Historical Count applied AFTER this has been applied? If not, is there a way to get Historical Count to be session bound on the funnel chart ?


Appreciate any help or guidance on this. Thanks!

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Anyone able to assist?

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Hi @Mel 

I don’t have a right answer for this, but here’s how historical count behaves in a funnel charts -

Also, did you validate if holding both hotel ID and session ID constant works for your funnelcase, provided the historical count filter gets applied in the right way?