Flagsmith Integration not working

  • 15 March 2023
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Hi, I’ve integrated my Flagsmith with Amplitude but I couldn’t see any events received. I’ve talked to Flagsmith support and they confirmed the events were sent.

I can’t see them neither on the web dashboard nor on the Dashboard API responses.


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3 replies

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Thanks for reaching out here @ahfamaral. I’ll make sure this gets escalated to the support team. In the meantime would you be able to share some more information about the steps you took to troubleshoot? I was able to find this documentation that might help. 

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Hi @ahfamaral


I replied to you over email!




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Thank you @sydney.koh Closing this out. @ahfamaral Flagsmith owns this integration and troubleshooting requires sharing payloads from Flagsmith that have a 200 response code from the last 7 days that you are not seeing in Amplitude. Also, as a next step you will need to confirm the events have matching User ID values in Amplitude. Keep us posted as you make progress!