External user ability to edit text box on a shared notebook

  • 16 November 2021
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Hello! It looks like external users are able to edit text boxes on a publicly shared notebook. Is there a way to make the notebook “view-only” and restrict external users from making any changes to anything viewed in the notebook (similar to dashboards)? 

7 replies

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Hey @aalqaroot 

This sounds like an unexpected behavior. A publicly shared notebook link should be view only, like the public dashboards.

I tried testing a public notebook link in incognito on my end and it seems to be working as expected .i.e view only, unless I missed something out. Can you also elaborate on the “able to edit text boxes” part?

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Here’s a recording of what I mean. This is a view of the notebook opened via the public link: 

Now I am not sure if this is bc I am creator of this public link, but my expectation is that I am not able to make any changes to the notebook while opened via public link. 

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Thanks for the screencast!

So when I open a public notebook link in the same window as the one I have logged into my Amplitude account, I am able edit the text box in there. But if I open the link in an incognito window, it’s view only.

Looks like a bug to me, unless this is how it was designed to be.

@Denis Holmes@tracy.guo can you help investigate and file this if it’s an actual bug?

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Thanks for the tag @Saish Redkar! I am not sure who from the team has taken this ticket but happy to investigate!


@aalqaroot Would you be so kind as to PM me the chart link, your email you use for Amplitude and the organization in question and any further details? I will then look into this and log a bug ticket if needs be, thank you!

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 @aalqaroot Would you be so kind as to PM me the screencast? I cannot see it here anymore and this will help me replicate the issue. At the moment, I cannot seem to replicate it. Thank you!

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Hi @aalqaroot - Taking over from Denis for a speedier response (Denis is based in Europe). We were able to confirm with our engineers that this is not the expected behavior. You should not be able to edit the text in your notebook via the public link view, even if you are the owner. I’ve gone ahead and submitted a bug ticket so that they can look into it further.

To confirm, are you able to edit notebooks from the public link view when you are NOT the owner? If so, I have not been able to replicate that behavior and that would require additional investigation.

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Hi @aalqaroot I hope all is well. I’m noticing that there are still some open questions here. Were you able to make progress? Let us know how we can help! 😀