Event-Based Analytics (Video and short knowledge checks)

  • 5 April 2021
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I’d love your feedback on this 12 minute introduction to event-based analytics! Can we do better to make the concepts stick? What worked? What didn’t?

Making the transition to event-based analytics can require a shift in thinking -- especially if you are used to working with entity-based data. To get the most of out Amplitude, it is important to understand the interplay of events, event properties, users, and user properties.

In this video you will learn how to:

  1. Use different colored stickies to understand how Amplitude works
  2. Differentiate between events, event properties, and user properties
  3. Determine when a user property update will be query-able
  4. Read Amplitude queries like sentences
  5. See a user’s event stream using User Lookup
  6. Describe the difference between entity-based and event-based analytics

Please feel free to pass along your feedback. 

3 replies

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Nice job! The visualization of stickies + the timeline is a very effective way for communicating event-based concepts. I enjoyed the knowledge checks which helped me feel more engaged with the video. It was also helpful that you explained the user property Plan is ‘Free’ at the time they fired ‘Plan Changed’ because that was their state at the time they performed the event :D

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Hi @john.cutler !
This is spot on! Really enjoyed the way you simplified the whole explanation using the timeline and stickies. 

Event-Based Analytics 101 :relaxed:

Thanks for creating this!


You nailed it! Thanks for share!