Discrepancy regarding user session count vs user count based on event for specific timeframe

  • 24 February 2022
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Hi Team,

we have made 2 report in a dashboard which gives us user count for particular event common to both graph.

In User session Report : 

we get 1 unique user (paid section) on day 22 Feb 2022 who performed competiton event for that session. whereas 

In Competition User Sessions : 

where we made report based on event performed for those session (Competition - paid section)  where that user goes missing.


Please find attached screenshot for both activity. we request if your team can help us to discuss these points over call would give us more clearity.


Competition User Session ( Paid)  for 22nd Feb count : 0
User Session ( Paid)  for 22nd Feb count : 1




3 replies

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Hi @chandrakant ,


Is it possible you selected “Show User Paths” for the Trial segment and not the Paid segment? When you use this feature in Amplitude, you can only see the top paths for one segment at a time. Your second screenshot is showing the top paths for 2 users, which aligns with the user count for the Trial segment on Feb 22.

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Hi @chandrakant - is there any additional information you can share regarding the charts that you took screenshots of? Additionally, could you clarify what what was the expected behavior here vs the behavior you observed? 

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Hi @chandrakant, I hope all is well. I wanted to close the loop here. Were you able to make progress? Please let us know if you need any additional support! 😃