Difference between REVENUETOTAL(A) and "by Revenue" Chart

  • 27 April 2021
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Hi I’ve been working on pulling revenue data and I’m a little confused by some incongruity I noticed in my charts. When I set up a chart grouped by $price and based on the TOTALREVENUE(A) I have one set of numbers for daily revenue then when I use that same user and make the chart based on “Properties: revenue” it produces another entirely different set. 


From what does the difference in these two means of summarizing revenue arise?


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Hi @jnazemi !

Thanks for writing in and happy to help! To clarify, are you wondering why you are getting different results when you look at RevenueTotal with $price property vs RevenueTotal with $revenue property? 

If so, generally speaking revenue should be price times quantity. So if the event had a quantity more than 1, then revenue =/= price. 

If you are seeing differences when using $revenue vs $price, then it’s likely the case that there are different quantity counts. Depending on what kind of analysis you wish to do, you would choose to either use $revenue (price x quantity) or just $price.

Hope this helps!