[Dashboard REST API] How to select 'exact order' option on Funnel analysis?

  • 20 January 2022
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Hi, I am trying to use Funnel Analysis( on Dashboard REST API. According to the API document, it seems that I can set the ‘mode’ parameter where I could select either ‘ordered’ or ‘unordered,’ which seem equivalent to the options ‘this order’ and ‘any order.’ However, I could not find how to choose the ‘exact order’ option on API. Is there any way to implement ‘exact order’ via dashboard rest API?



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3 replies

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Hey @donald d 

Looking at the documentation, it seems like there isn’t any explicit option for getting ‘exact order’ defined in the API call. Not sure if this is supported yet in the API or not.

@Denis Holmes Any workaround here?

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Hallo @donald d & @Saish Redkar ! 


Thanks for the tag @Saish Redkar ! I hope you are well :) @donald d You would need to use the “mode” as a parameter in the call. You are indeed correct though, there is no note on the exact order.

“Mode”:”Unordered” - Any order

“Mode”:”ordered” - This order

“Mode”:”sequential” - Exact order


I hope that helps! I will note this down so we make sure to add it to the dev docs, thank you, you two! :D


Kind Regards,



@Saish Redkar @Denis Holmes That helped a bunch! Thank you so much!