Customer Record Missing from Report Breakdown Table until added to "Where" filter

  • 4 January 2022
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In both transaction reports and payment volume reports, most, but not all customers appear in the Breakdown table below the graph until that customer is added to the “where” filter. Here is an example for a customer called Hollywood High Grade which does not appear in the breakdown table below until added to the where filter.

This is pretty disconcerting since we rely on Amplitude for many things. Anyone know why this would be?

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Hi @Thrasher ! Welcome to the Amplitude Community :wave:

It is the case that the Breakdown table only hosts up to 100 values (this is noted in our Help Center). So if you have a group by that has more than 100 values, it’s likely that you won’t see all of the values appear on the chart. You can see how the values are ordered in the Breakdown table here:

In addition to that, Amplitude does prune values for performance purposes so it is possible that the value you are looking for may have been pruned out:

Since you aren’t seeing some of your groupby values appearing in the Breakdown table, it’s likely because those groupby values are either not the top values or they have been pruned out. Inputting the value exactly in the “where” filter will surface them directly since you are looking for them. 

Additionally you can download the Breakdown CSV which will give you more values since it can go up to 10K rows:

Hope this helps!