Count total single events by unique property in a time period per user

  • 14 March 2023
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I’m trying to work out if I can understand how many times a single specific event has been fired per user, but only count it once per user based on a unique property. 

We have a Course Completed event which has property of Course ID, which determines which course a user has completed.

A user can complete a course multiple times and can also complete different courses.

I’d like a report that shows me the number of times a cohort of users has triggered the Course Completed event in a month, but only count the course completed once based on the Course ID.

Following is an example of individual users and then the required output:

  • User A - completed course ID ABCDE = 2 times / completed course ID FGHIJ = 1 time / completed course ID KLMNO = 1 time
  • User B - completed course ID ABCDE = 10 times / completed course ID FGHIJ = 6 times / completed course ID KLMNO = 5 times
  • User C - completed course ID ABCDE = 10 times / completed course ID FGHIJ = 1 time / completed course ID KLMNO = 0 times
  • User D - completed course ID ABCDE = 20 times / completed course ID FGHIJ = 0 times / completed course ID KLMNO = 0 times

The output report would show:

1 user = 1 events / 1 users = 2 events / 2 users = 3 events

Thanks everyone - let me know if any questions


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Hi @Ian Booth 

If I’m understanding your use case correctly, then the historical count feature seems to be the best way to tackle your use case. But looks like it’s only available to customers on the Growth and Enterprise plans.