Can I track user sessions without any events?

  • 13 January 2022
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Hello everyone,

I’ve defined the key events of my application as Amplitude events.
Now, I want to know in which sessions, none of the created events have been triggered to inform customer success to look into these. 

The goal is to have 100% of user session include at least one key event.


Is there a way I can display these sessions on Amplitude? 

2 replies

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Hi @nadjare!

Do you mean you want to look at user sessions that exclude certain key events? You can use the User Sessions chart to filter by sessions that exclude the event you’re keen in analysing by using the count “less than” 1 feature: 

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@ning.chang is a session considered an event? Could @nadjare use the same chart you proposed, but since they want to look at sessions with zero events, could it simply be updated to: Filter by sessions that include Any Event where count <1?