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  • 23 December 2021
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Hello Amplitude community , I have 2 questions regarding a certain analysis .

1st Question

Let’s say that I have two events that are related . Example from my analysis ( start workout and complete workout) and I want to group them by workout name and see from the people who triggered the start workout (the most started ones) , how many finished them . I want to see it 2 bars where one bar represents the started ones and the second , the complete ones in a stacked bar (all bars grouped by workout name) . 

2nd question

Is there a way to have produce one chart in which I can see User’s activity over time by 3 different periods .

Let’s say first one is monthly activity , second one is weekly activity , third one is daily activity. 

And see it in a line chart .

Would be glad to have some help to resolve these questions and produce charts .

Thank you :pray_tone2:


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For #1, I don’t think this can be achieved within the same chart as you are describing it. It seems like you are trying to figure out the completion rate of the workout videos. For this, I would create a funnel chart with two events: Start Workout (grouped by Workout Name) and Complete Workout. In the funnel chart settings, set “broken down by” to Step 1 - Workout Name. 

You could also do a Segmentation Chart with both events grouped by Workout Name and display it as a horizontal bar chart. 

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Hi @tutyhulit! For Question 2, it is not possible to have different time periods on one single chart currently in Amplitude! You will have to create 3 different event segmentation chart and toggle the time interval accordingly.