Bar Chart Total Doesn't Match Stacked Bar Chart Total

  • 25 January 2022
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I have a “Stacked Bar” Chart which has been filtered for a single merchant. I want to see a summary for the selected date range. The graph and breakdown table do not show a total. It only offers row average, row median, and row change. I can export the data and see a sum of 75, but this is a hassle. Instead, I have been changing the chart type to “Bar” because it supports totals. However, this changes the total to 48. How could the stacked bar have 75 and the bar chart has 48? HERE ARE THE SCREENSHOTS. Thank you


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3 replies

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Hey @Thrasher! I see that you are looking at Uniques. The Bar chart deduplicates Uniques across the time period, whereas the Stacked bar chart deduplicates Uniques within each time interval of your chart (e.g. per day, per week, per month). This is why the total for Bar chart can be less than the total for Stacked bar chart. 


Thanks Ning. Is there a way I can see the logic for how it determines what a unique transaction is, and thus how it determines duplicates?

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hi @Thrasher! the Uniques in this case refers to Unique Users. to understand how Amplitude treats users as uniques, you can check out this documentation: