The Amplitude Analytics Public Postman Collection is LIVE!

  • 18 March 2022
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The Amplitude Analytics Public Postman Collection is LIVE!
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Howdy y’all! 

The Amplitude Developer Docs team has been working hard to bring you more Amplitude developer resources. We’re pleased to announce that we’ve just released a public Postman Collection. 

Postman is an API platform that lets you test, build, and experiment with APIs. We created this collection to give you access to a rich library of example requests and responses that can help you use our APIs more effectively.

The collection includes these Amplitude Analytics APIs:

  • Attribution API
  • Batch Event Upload API
  • Behavioral Cohorts API
  • Chart Annotations API
  • Dashboard REST API
  • Export API
  • Group Identify API
  • Releases API
  • SCIM API (Amplitude Users and Permissions)
  • Taxonomy API
  • User Privacy API
  • User Profile API

We designed the collection to use environment variables and a pre-configured environment (Amplitude API Environment), so when you fork the collection, just add your own values: 

Add your own values in the Amplitude API Environment

Each API has its authorization method set on the API’s parent folder, so authorization is taken care of as long as you’ve set your values in the environment.

A word of warning -- Postman makes real calls to your API, so if you want to protect your production data, we suggest you use a test Amplitude project.

Check out our collection here:

If you find any issues or have ideas for improvements, let us know by opening a GitHub issue

2 replies

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Great work! :grinning:

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This is great! No longer need to trouble Python’s Requests library anymore. :wink: