Share your Amplitude success story!

  • 15 November 2022
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Share your Amplitude success story!
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‘Tis the season to celebrate your success! 


As we prepare to close out 2022, we want you to celebrate all the ways you succeed with Amplitude. To participate, take a min to share your story by filling out the survey or commenting below! 



Be prepared to share three sentences that cover your: 

  • Insight: This could be your North Star metric; what's the number one thing that keeps customers engaged? What's your leading indicator for what makes a customer make a purchase, etc.?
  • Action: Did you make a feature more accessible? Did you change the checkout process?
  • Outcome:  Did this increase retention? Did this grow the number of subscribers? Or higher level, did you become the leading brand in your category?

Note: Be clear about how you took action due to the insight you discovered.

Remember to keep it short and sweet! We can't wait to highlight all you've learned this year!

P.S.: Leading up to 2023, get involved in the Community for a chance to give back!


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