How far can data reconciliation go?

  • 9 January 2022
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I have a web app on which there are:

  • Anonymous users that navigate without providing any information (all we have for Amplitude is the device_id)
  • Users that gave their e-mail address to get things such as resources (PDFs, videos, ...) (we now have device_id and email)
  • Logged users (we now have device_id and user_id)


I know we can use the user_id to reconcile all device_id, but I have some additional questions:


  1. If the user connects on two different devices (and thus have two device_id aaaa and bbbb), will Amplitude reconcile the two device_id, as long as there is the user_id associated with both device_id? (I assume that’s the case, but I just wanted to make sure)
  2. Can I use the e-mail address to reconcile events? For example, if I have 10 events with only the device_id (= aaaa), and one event with email ( + same device_id (aaaa), can the e-mail be used to reconcile the events having device_id aaaa?
  3. If I have 10 events with session_id aaaa and e-mail, and 10 events with session_id bbbb and e-mail, can I reconcile session_id aaaa and bbbb ?

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This looks the same as below, which has the replies now.