Funnel : Data range and conversion window

  • 1 March 2023
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Could you tell me about the conversion window and date range in the funnel chart?

Does the date range apply to STEP1 or the entire funnel?


For example, if I set up the following:

  • Date range: January 1 - January 31
  • Conversion window: 60 days

Is a user who generated STEP1 on January 1 and reached the final step on February 2 considered to have converted?


Thank you.


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Hi @Mion Nara!

According to your conversion window, the conversion can happen anytime during the 60 days following each day within your date range:

  • A user who generated STEP1 on January the 1st and reaches the final step before the 1st of March will be considered to have converted. 
  • This will apply to everyone who generated STEP1 from the January 1st to January 31.
  •  The last convertions will occur from people who generated STEP1 on the January 31 and completed the final step on the March 31. 

(Correct me if I’m mistaken 😄)

Hi @Matrak,

Thank you very much for your reply! I appreciate it.
I could not find any mention of this in the user guide, so I was not sure.
Thank you for your detailed explanation!