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  • 5 September 2023
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I am creating a custom event: called - “invitation accepted”. 

My goal is that this custom event will happen after the “Page is Viewed” on page_url = 123 event happens.

but the custom event is not shown at all when I  look at the user event stream.

I would expect it to be shown right after the Page iS View event.


  • I  do see the custom event added to my Events
  • I  can choose this custom event when creating a segmentation chart, but when I  do that the chart is shown empty (like no events occur)


Thank you




Best answer by dangrainger 5 September 2023, 20:32

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3 replies

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Hi @shani cohen. Custom events don’t display in user streams, reason being that they’re not additional events in the stream, rather a crafted view of some already in existence.

Could be an idea to have something in the user stream flag where a custom event has been triggered, you could submit as an idea here:




hey @dangrainger Thanks for your answer


What about the segmentation chart? Are they supposed to be shown there? what can I do with them then?

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Yes they’re widely available in other parts of Amplitude, just not displayed in the user stream