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  • 2 February 2023
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I am using Amplitude to help us track our inventory supply chain funnel. We have widgets that go through a specific funnel where the first step is “entry” and the last step is “completed” and they come into our inventory supply in groups each month. for example, lets say 10 widgets come in January and 20 come in Feb. I built out a conversion funnel to hold constant the Widget ID, broken down by “completed” and count by unique. This way i can track the inventory versus the users submitting the status changes of the inventory. 


Does Amplitude provide me a way to track the funnel of each group by Month? If so, how? for example lets say 10 widget come in January, some get completed in Feb and other get completed in March.  I want to be sure that for the widgets converted in March, does not include the widgets that started in march.


Any advice would be appreciated. 


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Hey @markdusseau ...are you passing an “entry date” event property with your entry events? This could solve your problem, as you could then use this property to condition your funnel to, for example, “only when entry date is XXX”. Going further you could then create a derived “entry month” property from the entry date and use that as a Group By in the funnel visualisation to show side-by-side funnels of each entry month.

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Hello @markdusseau hope all is well!

I would second the comment from @dangrainger. Here is the documentation that could be useful on how Amplitude expects to receive the dates:


Hope this helps!