Trouble Charting Event Properties Across Events

  • 29 June 2021
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Hello! I’m working to get amplitude all setup for a test run and have quite a few events tracking currently.

Within Events, I have a handful of “event properties”. I two high value event properties, “Action” and “ActionGroup”. An Example of how I am intending to use them is that “Action” may be things like “Open” and the “Action Group” may be the feature which is being opened, such as “Schedule”. 

The trouble I’m running into, is with Charting. I’d like to take all “Action” properties which equal “Open” and see how this breaks down by “ActionGroup” (In essence seeing which feature is Opened).

However, when creating a new chart, and selecting “Any Event”, and then select “Group By”, I have no access to this specific Event Property. 

If i select a specific event, the desired event properties do display.

Why can’t I group “All Events” by “Event Properties”? I feel like I’m missing something!

Thanks in Advance for any help.



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Hi @nothingsethual ,

An event property is instrumented to give added context and information about a particular event at the time it was performed by a user. So when you are trying to use group by on a given “Event A” in event segmentation, only the event properties tracked and being sent with “Event A” would be accessible and not event properties of any other event. 

However, if you are using “Any Event” and then selecting “Group By, you should be seeing all the event properties from your bucket as long as they are approved in the taxonomy. If you are still not seeing that, then that could be a bug. 

But trying to group “Any Event” by any random event property will only skew your results by introducing “none” values in your chart results, unless all your tracked events share some common event properties.


Are the “Action” and “ActionGroup” event properties collected on just one event or all your events? 


Hope I have understood your use case correctly.






Hi Saish, 

Thanks for the reply!

To answer your questions:

  • Are the “Action” and “ActionGroup” event properties collected on just one event or all your events? 
    • Not 100% of them, most but not all. 

If I’m understanding you correctly, we would need ActionGroup in the event properties of all events in order to display here, or do you still think this could be a bug? I’ve attached an example of All Events vs a Specific event’s group by.





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Hi @nothingsethual ! 

Happy to step in here as @Saish Redkar’s view in Amplitude might be different from what you will see! 

Depending on what plan type you are on, the “Any Event” will not allow you to filter by event properties.

This actually used to be the default behavior across all customers because event properties are designed to be event specific. When you aggregate multiple event types together like "Any Event" and "Top Events", the event types that compose these aggregates will likely not share the same set of event properties. This is why Amplitude's charts do not support event property filters/group by's for aggregated events.

Amplitude does, however, support user property group by's for aggregated events. User properties are designed to be global properties because every user is expected to have user specific properties. If you instrument some custom user properties, they will appear as an option in the drop downs (details here). 


Iterations of Amplitude have passed since the original default behavior and now customers on Enterprise, Growth, or Scholarship plans will have the ability to filter/group by event properties on aggregated events like “Any Event”. 

If you do not see this functionality available on your org but are interested in this, I’m more than happy to connect you with our Sales team who would be able to assist!

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Thanks for helping out, @belinda.chiu !


Hey @belinda.chiu, thanks for the insight! 

I was planning to upgrade. Currently I’m on the freemium account, but wanted to get as much setup as possible to validate our use case and that Amplitude will work for us.

I’m interested in learning more from sales if you could connect us.


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@nothingsethual Happy to! Let me send you a DM on how you can connect with me. 

Or, if you want to reach out to Sales directly, you can reach out to them at! Let me know which way you prefer :)