Shopify user id vs server-side user id

  • 16 November 2022
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We have an existing Shopify store that is fulfillment for free healthy meals. I’ve hooked up Amplitude with the Shopify App, but I’m confused on how to add our server-side id (People ID or PID) to each record.

Since Shopify automatically uses email for their user id, how can I inject the PID for each session? Every session into the store (browse, login, or create account) has a PID we can inject.

At some point, I discovered an article that talked about how to do that for Amplitude, but it didn’t cover the case of Shopify and the reality that user_id will be the Shopify user_id.

Any help is appreciated!



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Hi @starchild, right now the Shopify App allows for two options for user identifiers to pass into Amplitude. This will either be available as an Email or a Hashed Email (SHA-265). (docs)

However, our team is always open to suggestions regarding improvements to our features! It could be a great idea to provide to our product team which can always be submitted here:

I’ll go ahead and internally place this request, but otherwise hope this helps clarify our current limitations.

OK, that is what I expected.

So it looks like I’ll need to have a server-side call to “inject” the People ID into every session as a custom user property, correct? And that will work with Shopify?